Often it’s the little details that transform the ordinary space into a dream space. Whether backsplashes, countertops, custom pull-out drawers, or anything else you can think of, our designers can make it happen.

The Little Things

It’s the things you don’t notice that often are the most noticeable. That little attention to detail that catches your eye.

We’ve all been there, touring the new home of a friend or family member, offering compliments on the home’s layout, color scheme, natural lighting, and more. Later, though, when we’re recounting our tour to others, we often remark, “And they had the coolest feature in their kitchen.”

Despite all the wonderful things we see in homes, more often than not, the most memorable features are those small details that were incorporated into the design. The mother-of-pearl backsplash, the hidden spice cabinet, the workstation that effortlessly incorporated food prep and food plating into its design. It’s these fine touches that make a home uniquely yours, that turn your space into your dream space.


The efficient kitchen maximizes the opportunity to store everything from utensils to toasters. Whatever you want to store, we can make it happen.

The Company We Keep

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Listen to What Our Clients Have to Say

Scott & Collette Worthing
Outdoor Kitchen

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Custom Home

Jim & Thor Burns
Primary Bathroom Remodel

Garry & Lori Rowe
Outdoor Kitchen

We believe in the importance of relationships between our team and our clients.

Our diverse design team allows each project to come together seamlessly. Our team is made up of talented professionals with varied backgrounds and training, including interior design, kitchen design, drafting, building, contracting, and installation.