William Ohs

William Ohs craftsmanship is second to none, and each William Ohs project is precisely engineered to ensure that each cabinet meets their highest standards.

Luxury Defined

William Ohs was started back in 1972 with the intention of providing custom-built-in libraries and casework for residential customers.

Today, William Ohs is the leading national manufacturer of high-end cabinetry that features classic European and American stylings from transitional and contemporary to modern and more.

Plain and simple, William Ohs would not be able to create the quality of product that we do without our team of artisans. Their artistic capabilities are teamed with cutting-edge technology to create the finest custom cabinetry in America. The level of detail that goes into creating your custom project from back-end engineering to final assembly is simply unmatched by imitators. We stand behind every piece that leaves our facility and are proud to work with such a skilled team of craftsmen.

The Finest Craftsmenship

William Ohs has been in business for almost five decades. In that time, they have built a reputation of extreme attention to detail and high-quality products that will stand the test of time.

The Company We Keep


William Ohs’ Traditional custom kitchen designs are a sophisticated portrayal of classical, traditional furniture detail embodying the elegance of European kitchens. Hand-carved mastery and subtle, meticulous details make William Ohs’ Renaissance cabinetry the specific envy of craftsman worldwide. As such, Renaissance is the most premium European kitchen styling offered in the United States.


William Ohs’ Transitional styling features design elements that bridge the divide between what is considered traditional vs. contemporary, resulting in modern custom kitchen designs. William Ohs’ transitional kitchen design stylings offer a wide variety of custom frame and panel and slab cabinet doors, simplified moldings, and optional hardware that create distinguished modern kitchen designs.


While William Ohs is known for our traditional styles, we have been able to seamlessly apply those techniques to create a modern twist on kitchen furniture. Clean lines combined with sharp angles create a classically updated look that accentuates current trends when it comes to custom kitchen design. Quite simply, William Ohs can create custom cabinetry to fit any design.

Listen to What Our Clients Have to Say

Scott & Collette Worthing
Outdoor Kitchen

Jay & Sue Carter
Custom Home

Jim & Thor Burns
Primary Bathroom Remodel

Garry & Lori Rowe
Outdoor Kitchen

We believe in the importance of relationships between our team and our clients.

Our diverse design team allows each project to come together seamlessly. Our team is made up of talented professionals with varied backgrounds and training, including interior design, kitchen design, drafting, building, contracting, and installation.