Through our innovation and collaboration, we are able to offer countless fireplace options to meet the needs of any customer. Whether you’re in search of a traditional or modern fireplace, we can find the perfect solution for your project.

Linear Gas Fireplaces

Our fireplace partner, Acucraft, is obsessed with fire. For more than 40 years Acucraft has been collaborating directly with architects, designers, and builders.

Unlike mass-produced units, every Acucraft fireplace is built for a specific customer, handcrafted by skilled artisans, boast the largest flames on the market, and are made of the highest quality materials, backed by their lifetime guarantee.

Installing a gas fireplace in your home immediately adds coziness and class to your environment. The warmth provided is secondary to the memories made and ambiance created when you match the right gas fireplace to the look and feel you’re seeking.

Having a gas fireplace in your home draws visitors and creates a natural meeting place in any room. When you’re curling up with family on game night or hoping to soften a colleague’s business proposal, your gas fireplace will provide the calm and comfort you need.

The Company We Keep

We believe in the importance of relationships between our team and our clients.

Our diverse design team allows each project to come together seamlessly. Our team is made up of talented professionals with varied backgrounds and training, including interior design, kitchen design, drafting, building, contracting, and installation.