The same expanse of window surface that can give a home the beauty of nature and foster an indoor-outdoor feel in your favorite rooms can also be a solar heat conductor that confounds the best efforts of air conditioning, fades furnishings, and stresses the power sources of your home. How to enjoy the best of these views and skip the harsh effects?

Shades and screens have been the answer all along, but never before have those answers been so versatile, so adaptable, and so subject to our own personal control. Throughout the course of the day, motorized screens give you the power to adjust to changing light and heat loads. They have proven to perform, reducing cooling costs by up to 60% and increasing comfort in ways too personal to quantify.

Like a Remote for Reality

The controls for motorized solar screens look like a TV remote control – but much simpler than most. From anywhere in the room, you can adjust the pitch and closure of your solar screens to your exact desires, regulating how much sunlight gets in, without even going to the window. Speaking of TV, one advantage of motorized screens is that you can take care of that glare on your computer or television screen and stay seated while you do it.

And because solar screens need not be completely opaque to do their job, you don’t have to sacrifice your view to cut down the brightness and heat. Choose from a variety of colors and options that keep your view going, even as you tone down the sunlight.

Far from adding complication, motorized screens have proven to perform with even more satisfaction, because they lessen the chances of leaving the screen down in bad weather, rolling the fabric up the wrong way, and other easy mistakes that sometimes mar the experience or performance of non-motorized screens.

Materials and Design You Can Rely On

You can look forward to years of trouble-free convenience and high performance because our solar screen components are made of heavy-gauge aluminum construction. Workmanship, too, is the kind that gives you confidence, and our design and installation assure you of satisfaction right away and for years to come.

Custom design is a particular strength you can count on from us. We’ll offer you a host of options that suit your style and purposes, the way you want your home to feel. Every power screen is built to order and tailored to your own needs. Your very own shading system is the result, and it’s one you can count on enjoying season after season for years.

Give us a call and let’s talk over what a custom motorized shading system could mean for your home, your enjoyment, and your energy efficiency.