A mortgage banker friend of ours commented a month ago that there’s a whole generation of professionals in his line of work who have no experience working in an environment of rising interest rates. Certainly, the homebuilding and homebuying markets are still brisk. Yet, for many homeowners, this year is becoming a better and better time to bring the home they live in closer to ideal for the way they live today – particularly here, where dream homes are built for people who worked all their lives to achieve them.

Knowing Why

The path to bringing your home remodeling vision to light begins with thinking carefully about what prompts the remodeling. For career couples and households, the necessity of working from home became an opportunity, and now it is an opportunity they find they are reluctant to give back. For them, that third bedroom that was pressed into service as a home office got a little too cozy for them – and a little too familiar for their associates to view on a Zoom call.

Giving their new workspace a better atmosphere, more storage space, more meeting or working room, more support systems – and even perhaps a better view – is a remodeling impulse we see much on people’s minds today. And this is only one of a thousand motives for remodeling. Consider the empty nesters who would prefer to enjoy their newfound space rather than to downsize it. Consider the part-time resident who is ready to move here permanently and is no longer willing to put up with a kitchen she inherited.

Knowing What

We find the motives for remodeling fascinating. The solutions we design and build stem from knowing well why our clients wanted them in the first place. Then comes the opportunity to notice all the other good that can come along the way to achieving this goal, using momentum and minimal effort. The side benefits of a remodeling process are an excellent biproduct of knowing why.

As designers, it is not only our job, but also our passion to have at our fingertips a panoply of answers to the living needs that bring our clients to consider remodeling. Making it look as if it belongs in their home, rather than as if it were an afterthought, this is one of many aspects in which being designers makes us better at remodeling,

Knowing How

And, speaking of being good at it, this point of view, the designer’s point of view, can make a priceless difference in the satisfaction you feel when your remodeling project is complete. Nothing solves or even prevents so many remodeling issues as well as keeping the result clearly in mind. As designers, we find that the result has a reality that is magnetic. It is the skill that arches over all the other skills and gives them focus in achieving the finished product you desire.

If you are even beginning to consider remodeling your home, or any part of it, let’s get together and talk it over. We bring a lot to that table, to the job, and to the fulfillment of your goal.