Those holiday TV commercials that show a family’s astonishment at finding a shiny new car, wrapped in ribbon, and sparkling in the driveway, might be hard to top, but we’ve got an even better idea. What if your family settled in for a holiday season meal together, prepared in the incomparable setting of your new outdoor kitchen? We can arrange that.

In fact, moving the holiday scene outdoors can make the difference between a cozy meal with family and a wider celebration with other loved ones and friends. If “the more the merrier” is your idea of a merry Christmas, then an outdoor kitchen is especially worth considering. And why waste this opportunity?

Taking Full Advantage

Holidays are surely a time to celebrate the difference we enjoy here, in a climate where Christmas dinner outdoors is never likely to call for après-ski parkas. The good fortune that comes with our climate includes an opportunity to make the pleasures of a cookout something you can choose any day you like. There’s rarely a week, and never a month, when it’s not possible to prepare a meal in the great outdoors. As a result, coastal Carolina homes often go far beyond the diversion of an outdoor grill.

Outdoor entertaining is not just for guests, too. Your outdoor dream space can be the scene of any meal, any day of the week, and any season of the year. We happily design fully equipped outdoor kitchens, with outdoor heaters for those rare off-season evenings that come with a chill, and even with full home-entertainment systems, for spending the entire evenings in your outdoor living space, whenever you desire.

Wide Open Living

One of the foundations of modern design is based on unwrapping our lives and connecting wherever possible with the greatness of the outdoors. When the Modern was born, windows shed their many layers of heavy Victorian curtains, and they became the picture frames for the great outdoors. Patios and porches came to be seen as extensions of the living area. More and more, as modern design explored the freedom that people wanted from life, the connections between the indoors and the outdoors became broader and more important.

And as the kitchen became more and more the heart of the household, serving meals outdoors came to include preparing meals outdoors. With the appliances and design features available today, there is no reason to hesitate, or even to limit the scope of how much kitchen you would like to add outdoors.

What We Love About Life

Outdoor living areas draw us to them, and they draw out what we love about life. A friend who was sorting generations of family photos recently remarked how many of those memorable times with family and loved ones took place in outdoor living areas. On the porch with neighbors, on the patio with friends, more family fun in every form imaginable taking place outdoors. Why not move a bit of the heart of the home outdoors to join the fun?

Ask us about the possibilities an outdoor kitchen might open up for you. Connecting your desires with the possibilities that fine design can offer is our passion and our pursuit. We look forward to getting together.