Variety is not the issue when it comes to choosing the right kitchen countertop. Our experience, contacts, and sources put at your services an almost unlimited array of textures, colors, solids, and patterns of materials ranging from exotic stone to modern compositions to laminates. When it comes to choosing the right kitchen countertop, your first and best move is a considerate conversation with an expert.

The choice you make will not only be something you see and feel – perhaps more often than any other single facet of your home – but also will enhance the value and marketability of your home. Both sides of that equation call for careful consideration, and the first thing we would like to offer you is our counsel in orchestrating that balance. You need not sacrifice your own vision for market value, and there’s no reason to compromise that value to be true to your unique tastes and preferences. Yet, to achieve this harmony, it makes sense to get some experienced advice at the outset. The best time is now.

It Pays to Know the Territory

Some important factors to consider in choosing the right kitchen countertop have to do with widespread preferences through the community. Here in coastal Carolina, stone countertops have become the sine qua non of kitchens, practically a prerequisite for resale value. Within the selection of stones, granite was an early favorite, yet the more people found out about stone countertops, the more the preferences branched out from there.

Wood countertops, from custom hardwoods to “found” or naturally occurring woods from the Lowcountry, are available for homeowners with a taste for the distinctive. Artists and artisans are hereabouts who can fashion such wood into custom made surfaces for the kitchen, or even for the breakfast or dining tables.

And This Just In

Seeing our Lowcountry preference for stone and natural surfaces, it is news to some that, elsewhere in the U.S., a different preference is evident. In California, and in Palm Springs particularly, the passion for mid-century modern design and for restoring and preserving the mid-20th-century homes already treasured there makes vinyl and laminate countertops a favorite. Genuine Corian countertops are especially prized and specified for their resilience and the vast variety of colors and patterns that they make available.

The virtues of a vinyl countertop include its resistance to penetration by any of the things that normally assail kitchen surfaces. Some even consider them perhaps an especially hygienic choice for this reason.

At Your Service as Usual

Where we come in, for this stimulating conversation about choosing the right kitchen surface for you, is that special quality of listening in which we take pride. Come in for a chat. Our passion for design and our awareness of the options available to you never get in the way of our hearing your vision. We put our abilities at the service of your vision, and we love the process of helping bring your vision out and into the world of your home.