One reason to consider the many fresh ideas for a bathroom remodel is because of all the value it can add to your home on the resale market. In fact, remodeling a full bathroom increases your home value, on average, by about 4%. Based on the median listing price for a Hilton Head Island home, this is an increase in value of more than $25,000.

Something more to consider is that these are average and median figures. With the many fresh ideas in circulation now for making your home’s bathrooms more comfortable, more accommodating – more of a spa or refuge, in fact – the “dollars and sense” of the idea are barely the beginning.

Feel the Warmth

One of the most original ideas for including in a bathroom remodel is that of installing heated floors. Even here in the coastal Carolinas and Georgia, there are eight or nine months of the year in which radiant heat from the bathroom floor can be the beginning of a better day. People who have installed them say they use their heated bathroom floor year-round. For most folks, our feet are first to feel a chill, and yet heated bathroom floors are far more than a solution, they are a plunge ahead into luxury. Ask anyone who has experienced this comfort, and they will tell you that a heated bathroom floor is a good idea here and now – and not just for yesterday and up north.

Room to Breathe Deep

A bathroom remodel is, for many, a chance to make the bathroom bigger. If there is one trend to remark upon overall in home design and in the desires that people bring to their ideas of a comfortable home, bigger bathrooms rank right up there with bigger kitchens as an idea whose time has come. It is only natural when you consider the path that bathrooms have traveled through history.

Privacy was key in the beginning, and this carried bathrooms a long way when they were being retrofit into Victorian homes that had initially been built without them. Hard as that might be to imagine today, the first indoor bathrooms had to be crammed into closets or fit under the stairway. This might make it easier to understand why making bathrooms bigger has been a goal for homeowners for many years now. Often, we find room to expand in an adjacent cupboard or hallway or storage space. In some cases, the tradeoff includes taking over an unused extra bedroom. The step seems less drastic when you consider the expanded role that the bathroom has taken on.

More Like a Spa

A place to practice self-care is perhaps a better definition of a fine bathroom today, and in this respect, it helps to borrow ideas from what we get when we visit a spa. A place to change your state of mind, to restore calm and relaxation; a place to get centered again – this is the fresh mission statement for a bathroom today.

Along with this concept comes a host of fresh ideas. Lighting can be a breakthrough in making the bathroom more comfortable and attractive. Color, too, offers a fresh palette from which to create the feeling you would like to impart. The shapes and sizes of tubs and other fixtures offers a chance to signal luxury beyond efficiency in the fresh design of your bathroom. Showers today usually include a place to sit, and the water jets can come from seemingly any number of fresh directions.

Let’s get together for a talk about what a fresh bathroom remodel could mean for your home. It is one of the most creative discussions we are fortunate to take part in, and we look forward to sharing what we have learned with you.