Anyone who’s bought or sold a home in recent years can tell you that your kitchen and bath countertops are among the strongest signals you can send about your home’s value. Because of this, and the fact that countertops are likely to last 20 years, your choice is one to make with care. We’ve been a resource for the right decision in hundreds of Lowcountry homes and so our perspective is worth putting on your side.

You can be assured that the options you review from us are selected carefully and in the best interest of the function as well as the design of your countertops, because the vast variety of surfaces available to us puts us in a position to be utterly unbiased.

So Many Choices

If durability is first on your mind, then it’s hard to beat granite. Granite countertops send a signal of value, too. Yet, popularity has a lot to do with value, and recently quartz countertops edged out granite for tops in popularity. While quartz countertops are engineered stone, molded to custom shapes and size, quartzite is a natural stone, cut to exact dimensions, and seen by some as even more desirable.

Back on the subject of durability, we can show you stainless steel options that harmonize with modern and urban aesthetics. Glass countertops can be as strong as you would ever need and still put the incomparable design element of light into the mix of aesthetics in your kitchen. And for some concepts of home, the warmth of wood is a natural choice that can be made as durable and serviceable as needed, with the treatments that today’s technologies make possible.

Immediate Payoff in Value

A lot of variables enter into the answer for each particular case, but a general rule of thumb is that your home value increases by about three times the cost of your professionally installed countertops. Another factor to consider is that attractive countertops help reduce the amount of time a home is on the market, and in this kind of transaction, time can be real money.

Granite became popular in the 1980s when it had a reputation for being costly and exclusive, a reputation that was partially earned. Expanded availability of granite in the 1990s brought the cost way down, but the appearance still kept all of its prestige.

For enhancing your home’s value, you can’t go wrong with granite, marble, travertine, quartz, quartzite, or any attractive, durable surface that shows you’ve been paying attention. So, ultimately a great part of the choice is what looks and feels best to you. The backsplash we can help you coordinate with the surface you choose will add even further to the enjoyment and value of your surfaces.

Let’s talk about the feeling you’d like your countertops to contribute – in kitchen and in bath. You can rely on our experience and perspective, and be sure of making a great decision, for the design appeal, for the functionality, and for the value of your home.