If you’re considering redesigning your kitchen cabinets in your Hilton Head Island home, then it is likely that a few main factors will guide your design choices.

The first factor is whether you want your kitchen cabinets to reflect the overall design of your home. While it is somewhat customary to match the design of your kitchen cabinets to the rest of your home, it’s not altogether uncommon to find a Hilton Head Island kitchen that is entirely its own space. Once you decide whether your kitchen will incorporate your home’s design, drastically depart from it, or rest comfortably in the middle, then it’s time to think about the scope of your kitchen cabinet project.

The space of your Hilton Head island kitchen – and your budget – will certainly influence your cabinet design. Smaller spaces are better suited for the clean, compact lines of modern design, while sweeping, elegant, traditional designs work best in large and open spaces.

Transitional styles, such as Shaker-style cabinetry, can work equally regardless of the size of your kitchen. By choosing the right cabinet hardware, paint, or stain, transitional-style cabinets can be made to feel modern, traditional, or style-neutral. Similarly, accents such as backsplashes and furniture – chairs, stools, or tables – can either complement or contrast with cabinetry to create an impactful design combination.

Of course, there are many factors to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets for your Hilton Head Island home, and we’ll cover all of them below, including:

  • Your Cooking Style
  • Layout
  • Storage
  • Lighting
  • The Little Things

Your Cooking Style

Do you love to cook or are you more of a heat-it-and-go type of person? Seasoned chef or novice? Do you like to host large gatherings on a regular basis or just want to make healthy, nutritious meals for your family of four? When you cook, do you tend to use every appliance, several pots and pans, and every utensil in the drawer or do you normally cook and serve everything from a single pot? These are important questions, and before you start thinking about the more aesthetic details of your Hilton Head Island kitchen cabinet project, take a walk around your kitchen and decide what daily tasks it needs to accomplish and how you need it set up.

For instance, if you need to store lots of items that should be continually chilled before serving, a countertop condiment fridge will save you time. It might also be worth investing in a spice rack that puts herbs and spices close enough to reach immediately.

Or maybe you have a favorite appliance that’s used more than others, so it needs a permanent residence on your countertop or in an appliance cabinet. Where you put this appliance impacts the kitchen cabinets that go above it and the lighting the needs to be incorporated into your design.


It’s not just about knowing the height and width of the cabinets that will fit your Hilton Head Island kitchen, but it’s also knowing the features that are most important for your space. Certainly, you want the layout of your cabinets to maximize your efficiency and flow. For instance, you might want to consider roll-out storage bins, which slide in and out like a pullout drawer. These bins waste less space and keep you from having to reach deep under the cabinet.

So, ask yourself if you want to keep the same layout or if another layout work better for your kitchen? What features will allow you to get the most out of your space? If you want a pantry, but don’t currently have the space, consider designing new cabinets with space for a built-in pantry or a lazy-Susan. If your kitchen is always busy, but walking space is limited, then consider if a different cabinet layout in your Hilton Head Island home would make more sense.

In addition, upper cabinets are more useful when they are made for easy storage and access. With that in mind, we often design upper cabinets that have slide-out storage shelves that can hold everything imaginable. Another fun feature is a secret cabinet that doesn’t appear to open, which is a smart place to store spare keys or special items you just want to stash.

By now you’re probably worried about how all of these changes to your kitchen cabinets will look in your Hilton Head Island home. We allay your fears by creating 3D renderings of your kitchen design, which enables us to plan the best layout and make the best product choices.


More than likely, you will need more storage than you think. So, when you’re considering the appearance of your kitchen cabinets, also consider what you’ll need to store there. Food, dishes, appliances, cutlery, silverware – there’s a lot more stuff in your kitchen than you might realize. You might even want some enclosed storage – or that secret storage compartment – because you’re going to want some space to hide more unsightly items.


Lighting is one of the most important parts of any room, but it’s easy to forget when you’re busy thinking about cabinets. Not every kitchen has to look the same, but the functionality is the most important. Visually, the lighting accents and decorations make a statement. Where you put your lighting is a bit of an art. Do you want your lights to be hidden or should they be part of the centerpiece? If you’re unsure of what you want, then go for a combination that can be controlled using dimmer controls.

Why is your kitchen lighting so important? Because light makes everything easier and more enjoyable – cutting vegetables, peering into the oven, checking if meat is done – and seeing what’s inside your kitchen cabinets. A lot of light will also make the whole room appear larger and more open and inviting. What’s more, LED lighting can be added inside and underneath your kitchen cabinets to give your Hilton Head Island home an entirely new vibe.

To that end, it’s also not a bad idea to add color-changing light that can be altered to change the color temperature. Imagine the impact of mood-enhancing lights that select a specific shade that’s nice for cooking dinner.

The Little Things

As you embark on your Hilton Head Island kitchen cabinets project, determine what aspects of your kitchen are likely to be updated and which have to stay. If the paint that’s on your kitchen walls isn’t your favorite and is simple enough to update, then don’t think you have to plan your cabinets to match. From standard cabinet colors and finishes to custom colors to mismatched designs, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your new cabinets. Plus, choosing features such as soft-close drawers, cabinetry for built-in appliances, trash bin pullout, and other details could make a huge impact on your overall design. Hardware is also a simple way to make sure your cabinets are stylish and customized.

Hilton Head Island Kitchen Cabinets

We design and remodel all styles of kitchens for our clients, from modern to classic to contemporary to traditional. We believe kitchens should be functional, yes, but are also warm, inviting, and inspirational. We also believe that you do not need a lot of space to create your dream kitchen. We’ve transformed small kitchens and big kitchens alike, all with the goal of creating both meals and memories.

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