The kitchens of today have changed. Modern kitchens are equipped to both maximize storage and increase the level of convenience.

Accessories such as peg drawers for dish storage, pull-outs for oils and cutting boards, pots and pans drawers, creative use of corner storage, upgraded pantry pullouts, recycling storage, knife and silverware storage and even compost bins are ways to make the most of the available space, while LED lighting is the new trend for accent and task lighting.

Let’s talk about accessories. We used to store dishes in the wall cabinets. Now, when designing for “aging in place,” as we refer to it, storing heavy dishes in wall cabinets can cause back problems and pulled muscles, and simply does not cut the mustard any more.

Today’s drawers are equipped with pegs to allow convenient storage of the dishes in a location much safer and easier to access. Many types of pull-outs are available for storing cooking oils and cutting boards next to the cooktop where they are used.

Drawers are equipped with different types of storage for pots and pans as well as the lids.

Corners have become much more efficient, with corner drawers, LeMans blind corner swing-out shelves, and the “magic corner” that also brings the items to you.

Pantries have become one of the most popular accessories, with the pull-out pantry attached to the door and the Lavido Pantry that, when used with a pocket door, has access from three sides. Shelves can be easily adjusted with one thumb latch.

Finally, LED lighting is the current trend, and these systems improve almost weekly. Crown or valance lighting, toe kick or accent lighting, task lighting for counters, light bars for drawers, recessed tracks in the interior side, and top panels with lighting behind a lens provide for a totally integrated look and a much better lighting application.

When you are ready to update or build a kitchen, look for a design studio that has these items integrated into the displays so you can see and feel the difference. Place your trust in a company that has made the commitment with a modern showroom that uses LED lighting and various options and accessories.

Bring your kitchen into the 21st century with the assistance of a skilled designer who has experience implementing these innovations.

Richard Winslow is the owner of Winslow Design Studio.