What was always smart about the shade that a pergola provides over a patio or deck is that it cools people without closing them in. Classic pergolas were one of the hallmarks of the exceedingly popular Craftsman-style home, and the attractive and functional design has been with us ever since, in homes that set a particularly elegant scene for outdoor enjoyment. The brilliant effect comes from slatted or louvered planks, placed on their sides, so that the sky is visible and the light comes through, yet the sun’s own passage across the sky changes the balance of sun and shade all day.

Pergolas manage to moderate the sun without eliminating it, so the satisfying sense of enjoying home outdoors can feel free and stay cool at the same time. This century-old breakthrough in comfort and enjoyment just got a boost from technology.

Classic Comfort with Modern Advantages

What if you could control the amount of sun spilling onto your patio or porch or deck, make it match your mood and your preferences, anytime of the day? That’s what’s possible now, thanks to motorized pergolas we can install to your personal specifications.

Rather than waiting for the sun to take its perfect position for the light and feeling you want under your pergola, imagine being able to control the angle of the louvers, to pivot a full 170 degrees Full sun, no sun, or any degree of shade you want in between is at your fingertips.

An integrated 360-degree gutter system channels weather where you want it. Thousands of colors and woodgrain options offer you a custom visual effect that fits just right with your home, yard, and garden, and a variety of options and accessories make it possible for you to enjoy exactly the environment and atmosphere you desire.

Gracious Outdoor Living

We can design for your home everything from a picnic point to an outdoor home entertainment center, thanks to the variety of motorized pergola installations available. Imagine alternating overhead panels of motorized pergola with variable louvers, pergola segments that slide open to reveal the sky as a whole when starlight time arrives, and solid panels to shelter dining, video, or cooking areas.

Make your next vacation investment in your own home by creating a space you’ll enjoy for years to come. The combinations and design options are practically infinite, and with them we can offer you the perfect environment for enjoying your home and your surroundings to the fullest.

With the technology to pivot, open, close, slide and shelter at your fingertips, a motorized pergola can make your patio, porch, or deck an extension of your home, with its comfort, its hospitality, and its astute design.