There’s no doubt about it. Refreshing and reinvesting in the home you have is growing more popular than ever. Home prices remain high, and that’s reassuring for the value of your investment, just as it also makes moving a bit of a bigger deal to contemplate. Staying put and perfecting your home to better serve your changing needs is as wise as it is popular today.

Our experience and relationships with clients tell us that home renovation comes with some certainties, and one of them is this: The better the planning, the better the experience and outcome. Let’s have a look at some planning tips that are particular for 2023, and then we’ll review some planning principles to bear in mind, no matter when you decide to renovate.

What’s New and Different

Planning for a home renovation in 2023 brings up several special considerations, and most of them come under one heading – the sooner the better.

The cost of money and materials is rising. The good news is that both are expected to moderate in 2023, and yet rise they will. Interest rates have more up-ticks in store. Year-to-year prices are expected to return to historic norms of a 3% to 6% increase by the end of 2023, and yet supply chain uncertainties for production materials make them especially unpredictable. Material costs are a commodity-by-commodity discussion, with some stabilizing and others continuing to rise.

Transport, however, is a cost affecting all materials. Fuel prices and driver shortages make getting construction materials to your site costlier than ever. World events and extreme weather also factor into a realization that there is no time better than the present when it comes to beating the rise in costs.

What’s Always a Good Idea

Communication cuts costs, increases satisfaction, and maximizes the value of your outcome in home renovation. So many tips can be clustered under communication that it’s a good idea to spell them out piece by piece.

First, choose a homebuilder who pays attention to you. Most folks can tell in the first 10 minutes whether they have the focus of the homebuilder with whom they are talking. The balance of openness and experience, of advising and following instructions, of leading and responding is a quality you can sense right away. Insist on finding it. This particular trait is our pride and passion. As a result, our client relationships often go beyond building and extend long after projects are completed.

Think carefully specifically how you want to experience and enjoy your home in light of the renovation. Your vision of how it will look, work, and feel is unique to you. We discover this inspiration from listening carefully as we advise.

The Essentials of Time

It is important to begin your renovation plans far enough in advance to give you options for execution and opportunities for effective collaboration. Time itself is an ingredient you can control when you plan your home renovation effectively. We are here to help you begin, and to see it through to a thrilling conclusion.