Planning has become an even smarter idea than ever, thanks to challenges in just about everybody’s supply chain. We are finding that people’s passion to make their homes an even more perfect place to spend an even greater part of their time is still a passion we can fulfill – and even surpass – and yet it makes sense to factor in a little more lead-time.

That makes now the perfect time to begin planning for your springtime deck and patio enjoyment with motorized shades and pergolas. So often, folks find that this one touch – the ability to regulate how much direct sun they enjoy in their outdoor living spaces – makes all the difference in fulfilling the patio’s original intent – to be an extension of the home itself. Motorized shades and pergolas extend the hours in the day – and the weeks in the year – in which you can experience this enjoyment.

What’s the Difference?

Pergolas and shades have a lot in common – including the enjoyment and value they add to your home – but there is a difference between them. Shades can be fitted vertically or horizontally, but either way, shades regulate the light that enters your porch or patio through the vertical panes – where the walls would be if your patio were a room.

A pergola is a classic way of regulating the level of light that comes in through the horizontal plane – where the ceiling would be if your patio were a room. Whether we call them slats or panels, the elements that move in shades or pergolas are adjusted in angle, increasing or decreasing the amount of direct sunlight coming in.

Shades and pergolas both cool people without closing them in. The miracle of motorizing your shades or pergola is that it puts control at your fingertips; some models even enable you to pre-set the time and angle so that the amount of light in your fun-space stays just the way you want it, without adjusting as the day goes on.

Put More Hours in the Day

When your porch or patio is over-hung by a pergola, or embraced by variable shades, you don’t have to wait for the ideal time of day to enjoy the amount of sun and temperature that suits you best. Any time of day is the perfect time of day on your porch.

Put More Weeks in the Year

With the ability to regulate sun and temperature, suddenly the season for enjoying your porch or patio can begin in March and wind down in November, if you wish. That’s more like it. Isn’t that what we wanted from our dream home in the sunny South? You can give birthdays, holidays, and celebrations of all kinds a new, outdoor setting for the first time, when you extend the comfort of motorized shades and pergolas to the outdoor spaces of your home.

Put More Fun in Your Home

With the technology to pivot, open, close, slide, and shelter at your fingertips, motorized shades or pergolas can make your patio, porch, or deck an extension of your home, bringing to outdoor enjoyment all its comfort, its hospitality, and its astute design.

Let’s talk now about putting sun and shade at your fingertips this spring. We can help you make the outdoors your favorite room of all.