One of the things that people miss sometimes when they move from historic to modern homes is the curious occurrence of odd spaces that old homes often encompass. That trapezoid-shaped area inside the back door, the generous landings at the top of the stairs, the efficient closet or cupboard beneath a certain stairway. Some of these old-timey spaces have names, like the broom closet. Many are unnamed, yet no less useful. One of the most appreciated of these odd spaces offered by old houses was the “butler’s pantry.”

Long after most families no longer employed butlers, the butler’s pantry provided an efficient, ergonomic staging and preparation area between the kitchen and the dining room. The storage alone made it an asset. The convenient placement was an advantage. And the profusion of well-placed cupboards, shelves, and drawers eased the storage strain on the kitchen itself.

The instruments of hospitality – serving dishes, special glassware, the best utensils – were arranged there at fingertip command. For modern households in historic homes, the butler’s pantry, in fact, completed the kitchen.

Innovation to the Rescue

The good news is that a modern Galley workstation offers these advantages and more – without the old home that used to wrap around them.

Today’s Galley workstation embodies the efficient storage, the convenient prep space, the same ergonomic comfort that generations before us enjoyed, and with the benefits of modern materials, considerate design, and personal experience. Best of all, this is a space you can design to your personal desires, rather than inherit.

Your Own Workstation Collection

Because today’s home has no “upstairs-downstairs” division of tasks, the vision of the Galley workstation is to put your choice of tools and assets within your own easy reach. It is your style of preparing, cooking, and serving that calls the tune.

For those who make meal preparation a family affair, a time of the day for fun and discussion, for reconnecting and celebrating even everyday events, the Galley might be designed to embrace the table you most often use – not a formal dining room these days. Design insights make it easy to stay connected and communicating all through meal preparation, as the family gathers to share their stories of the day.

For those who relish entertaining, Galley workstation designs can make it possible to prep, cook, serve, entertain, and even clean up, without breaking contact with your guests. It’s all part of the occasion when you make the Galley your own.

Designing to Serve Your Style

A Galley workstation that anticipates your every need and desire starts with a casual conversation. Let’s talk about what you’d like to make easier, more practical, and more fun in the kitchen.

Kitchens have gone from out of sight to the heart of the home. The next evolution is to make that space work the way you want to enjoy it. People who’ve gone the Galley way say they never imagined how much more enjoyment would result. Many say they wish they’d done it sooner. Let’s get started imagining how the Galley could work for you.