Building the home of their dreams is something that most people do only once in a lifetime. Even the most fortunate may have this opportunity very few times indeed. And the remodeling projects that make a home more nearly the home of their dreams or the enhancements that suit it to a new concept of what their home should be and do and feel like inside – none of these fulfilling projects is something that folks do often enough to feel that they get good at it. Where does the confidence come from, which is so essential to a successful – enjoyable – homebuilding or expansion or remodeling project?

The foundation of this peace of mind is finding the right homebuilder. A colleague in this industry admitted once upon a time that there are a handful of builders in any market who are more or less equally excellent – and many more who are not. Yet, among the four or five builders at the top of the list, here are three factors to consider that will enable you to know you have chosen the homebuilder who is right for you.

1. What Their Clients Tell You

The importance of checking references for a homebuilder might sound obvious, and yet the things to look for in their comments might not be so obvious. Certainly, budget integrity, excellent communication, personal involvement, and timely completions are the objective testimony you will want to examine. We suggest going a bit wider, too, in the factors you consider.

References need not necessarily be from people who conducted a project that was just like the one you are considering. It is not similarity of the project itself, but rather the scope of the project that you are looking for. A custom home, for example, is excellent evidence that a builder can accomplish a room addition. The depth of the project is another intangible factor to consider. In other words, how much understanding of the clients’ vision did the completed project demonstrate? This consideration leads us to our second suggestion.

2. Understanding and Imagination

You can begin to discover in your first conversation with a homebuilder whether you feel they are listening carefully, really striving to understand your vision and desires for the project. Do they ask good questions? Are they deeply interested in exploring the answers?

And, to this understanding, does the builder add imagination? Based on their experience and awareness of available techniques, the builder who is right for you will make suggestions that enhance the project in the exact direction that you intend. This is not up-sell, but rather insight. Do you feel you have added an ally when you talk with the homebuilder about your project?

3. Passion for the Work

In any environment, finding a builder who is still passionate about the work – the finished product and the process of arriving there – is vitally important to your enjoyment of the outcome and the experience you have as the project progresses. In today’s environment of high demand, a new landscape of materials and labor, and of clients who know difference between the home they have and the home they desire, a homebuilder who remains passionate for the privilege of fulfilling people’s dreams is the builder you deserve.

We are grateful every day to be offering these qualities to our clients, and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss the project you have in mind, at any stage of your search for the builder who is right for you.