Our kitchens have come a long way from the days of being out of sight, a place where preparations were made. For most any style of household today, the kitchen is a place for gathering as evening draws near, a setting for connection and collaboration, the best part of the party when friends come over. For all these roles the kitchen plays, wouldn’t it be even more fun to have it outdoors?

We can help you make that happen. Here in one of the nation’s most beautiful locales, there’s no reason to go back inside when mealtime comes. The back yard has come just as far as the kitchen – from a place where charcoal on a rickety brazier brought forth burgers and hot dogs on summer weekends to an extension of the home itself, an outdoor dreamscape where fully capable kitchens, casual yet elegant dining spaces, and even entertainment centers make their move outdoors to fling the doors of enjoyment wide open.

Memories Await

Why waste a moment inside when the beauty of coastal living beckons beyond? Whether a romantic dinner for two, a family circle, a few close friends, or a select group of wider acquaintances, wouldn’t it feel even better outdoors? We’re blessed to live in a region where there’s hardly a month of the year when this isn’t a good idea, and when you add subtle outdoor heaters, your dream space becomes a year-round option for making memories.

Imagine a fireplace flanked by a wet bar and a gas grille. Sheltered and shaded by a movable, motorized pergola with sliding panels for star watching later. Even an entertainment system can be mounted outdoors so you never miss your favorite team. Your outdoor kitchen could be just the beginning.

Most Everything Tastes Better Outdoors

The best reasons to create a kitchen outdoors become clear when we think beyond the menu of an old-time backyard barbecue and realize the abundance of dishes you can enjoy there. Teriyaki-grilled fresh local shrimp and pineapple is a perfect pairing you can grill together on a skewer. Stuff them into tacos or toss them into a salad and watch faces light up the outdoors.

A different take on the backyard steak would be grilled balsamic flank steak. All it takes is a clove of garlic, a quarter-cup balsamic vinegar, a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, some dark brown sugar, salt, and pepper. Chicken, too, can get a lot more interesting, even as you build it low in fat and calories, with Korean grilled chicken breasts.

And in case you didn’t know dessert could come from the grill, just try grilled berry peach pie, here where Georgia and South Carolina get together on the subject of peaches.

We look forward to the chance to help you design this dream and make it real. Give us a call and let’s talk it over.