In the world of kitchen design, there is one layout that stands out for its practicality and style: the Galley workstation. In your Galley, you can chop, strain, and mix easily and ergonomically to prepare a meal and efficiently transition to cooking with a cooktop nearby. Using various serving boards, you can quickly and conveniently transform your prepare-and-cook station into a serve station or set out drinks and hors d’oeuvres to create an ideal entertainment station.

Not only is the Galley workstation ideal for small spaces, but it can also make a statement in larger kitchens. Here, we’ll take a closer look at why the Galley workstation is gaining popularity among homeowners and how it can transform your kitchen into a functional and beautiful space.

Incredibly Versatile

Today, the Galley workstation offers an expansive line of super-functional, smart, and stylish Ideal workstations, wash stations, work-and-wash stations, bar stations, and custom workstations where you can prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and wash in one central location. Highly engineered and hand-crafted in the USA, with an unbridled commitment to the highest standards of quality and service, the Galley is now leading the kitchen industry in innovation, function, and just pure fun.

Works in All Kitchens

The Galley is useful in every size and type of kitchen. The Galley is not a traditional kitchen sink where you lose workspace. The workstation maximizes space with three tiers of functional and ergonomic workspace. The vertical, layered Galley system uses cutting boards, drying racks, colanders, mixing bowls, and other tools to add workspace to your kitchen. The generously proportioned and thoughtfully engineered culinary tools enable you to perform every task inside of the workstation, containing the mess within the system throughout the process.

The Ideal Workspace

The ideal Galley kitchen layout features a four-foot to seven-foot workstation on an island or peninsula that is outward facing with a cooktop on either or both sides. This creates the perfect preparation and cooking zones. We recommend no more than two to three inches between the workstation cutout and the adjoining cooktop. Locating a wash station close by, ideally directly behind the workstation, is incredibly useful.

We also recommend placing a dishwasher on either or both sides of the wash station to create an ideal wash zone. The wash zone is typically on the wall, possibly under the window where the regular kitchen sink has traditionally gone. This is especially helpful to keep dirty pots, pans and dishes out of the primary workstation when preparing and serving your meal.

Perfect for Open-Concept Living Spaces

Finally, Galley workstations can be an excellent choice for open-concept living spaces. The layout naturally directs traffic through the kitchen space, making it the perfect place to gather during a dinner party or while entertaining. If the galley workstation opens to a dining or a living area, then guests can interact with the cook while still enjoying the atmosphere and conversation.

If you’re looking for a functional and streamlined kitchen design, the Galley workstation may be the perfect fit. With efficient use of space and versatile design options, this layout can transform your kitchen into an organized and attractive space. Whether you’re working with a small or large kitchen area, the Galley workstation is a practical and stylish solution that’s sure to please every homeowner.

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