Does the homebuilder you choose really matter? Let’s begin with the short answer. The reason why the choice of your homebuilder matters is because of how you feel. Before, during, and after your homebuilder does the visible part of the work, the thing that makes the most difference of all is the way that what’s going on feels to you. If you feel confident in your choice before the work begins, if you feel well informed and satisfied all the way through the building process, and if you feel that your desires and visions have been fulfilled when the work is done – then you have chosen the right homebuilder.

The thing is, what do you look for in a homebuilder ahead of time, so that you feel this way about your project, before, during and after? Fortunately, there are certain signs.

Before the Beginning

When you talk with a homebuilder, how curious are they about what you know, what you see, and how you want to end up then the building or remodeling is done? Yes, a builder’s credentials and experience are important. Yet, in a vital and vibrant community such as ours, where a lot of building has been going on for a long, long time, any number of homebuilders can point to a fair amount of experience.

The most honest colleague and competitor we know arrived in Hilton Head from the outer banks of North Carolina and from this experienced newcomer’s point of view, he commented that the top four or five homebuilders here were about equally qualified. It was refreshing to see that experience is just the starting point.

Beyond experience and satisfied clients, our suggestion is that you look for the sense you get that your homebuilder understands what you are saying – and even understands what you are not saying. Because homes and structures are the most influential form of art, as well as engineering, it is your homebuilder’s job to use their experience for seeing farther ahead than you might be able to see in the beginning. From this should come an understanding that you feel and trust.

As the Work Proceeds

During construction, the right homebuilder for you will have you feeling up to the minute and well informed at every stage. By seeing the worksite every day, your homebuilder makes it unnecessary for you to wonder – ever. Our experience in building custom homes and home remodeling for clients whose main residence or current home is elsewhere made us well versed in the topics and types of information that keep you involved in the creative process, even as the work in still under way.

With Dreams Fulfilled

“They understood what we meant, even when we didn’t know how to describe it.” A personalized version of this comment is something we hear from clients often. And nothing puts a crown on our own sense of a job well done than hearing this. Hear what just a sampling of our clients has to say, here on our website. The experience of a homebuilder’s clients is the most significant difference. Among the many who are available to you’re here, we invite you to consider this – and to make it your own deciding factor.