More than any other part of the home we can think of, the master closet is an example of, “You don’t know what you’re missing.” People put up with no end of inconvenience, because when it comes to closets, the status quo is all we know. What you’re accustomed to seeing when you open those closet doors is so familiar that most folks never consider the alternatives.

And oh, the options are many. Even without changing the dimensions of your master closet, good design can not only give you twice the space you think you have, but it can also arrange your wardrobe so considerately, that people who’ve had their master closets redesigned tell us they feel as if an invisible butler or valet has joined the household. Each day it appears your clothes are being presented to you for your selection. It’s a far cry from picking through a jumble of confused colors and textures.

When the Big Chance Arrives

When building a dream home or contemplating a major remodel of the home you already love, the opportunity arrives sometimes not just to dream big, but to go big also. When your chance to go from sliding-door to walk-in does arrive, consider the value of a designer who’s been there many times before.

The ultimate opportunity, many say, is to graduate to His and Hers. Separate closets bring couples closer, we find. Loving each other’s elbows is a good idea in theory, but in day-after-day practice it can wear out its charm. Separate closets are an invitation to separate domains based on one’s own interests and enthusiasms. As such, the most advanced form of design – considerate design – begins with listening carefully to what you yourself envision, how you use your closet now, and how you’d like that experience to improve.

Shoes are For Shelves

One of the biggest breakthroughs of a carefully designed master closet is the experience of seeing shoes off the floor. The floor is where shoes work, not where they should rest. And the floor is a terrible place for you to look when you choose them. Making shelves for shoes not only puts your selection on accessible display, but it is one of the measures that increases you closet space by making better use of the volume. Dresses and trousers can extend almost to the floor when the shoes give way, and this is one step in doubling the space you thought you had available.

Tops on Top

Considerate closet design almost always puts two decks of clothing within easy reach. For men, that may mean shirts and suit coats on one level, and trousers on another, or alongside, hanging full-length. For women, two decks mean blouses and tops above, skirts below, dresses and trousers alongside.

If none of this sounds like advanced physics, it certainly isn’t. Yet despite the simplicity of solutions, it is surprising how long people put up with the single horizontal bar that too often defines a closet.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Consider LED lighted rods to easily distinquish dark blues and blacks. If your ceiling height is 9-feet or greater, consider a third rod for items that are seldom used or seasonal. That’s a 33% increase in space and its easy to use. Consider drawers for storing lingerie, socks, and folded items or a drop zone area with phone charger.

A Cheerful Change

Of all the project that we design and build, transforming the master closet is certainly a favorite of our own, because of the sheer delight it brings to our clients. A seemingly small, seemingly simple undertaking, the redesign of a master closet puts pleasure into some everyday moments, where boredom at best, and frustration at worst, once held sway.

Let’s have a talk about how you’d like your closet to work, and how you would rather feel when you look in there. Considering your vision, your needs, and desires, and connecting them with the finest concepts that design has to offer, this is our passion and our pursuit.