If you’re considering a closet redesign in your Hilton Head Island home, then heed these tips from Winslow Design Studio, one of the top kitchen, bath, and closet design companies on the Lowcountry.

Does your closet look tired and dated? Is it in need of an overhaul? If you feel a complete closet redesign is in order, then you’re in good company, as closet re-dos are among the most popular redesign projects on Hilton Head Island. Like kitchens and baths, though, no two closets are alike, and the closet should take on the personality of its owner.

With that in mind, closet redesigns on Hilton Head are truly a case of form following function, so choose a design company that is as concerned about what you’ll put into your closet as they are about the aesthetic appeal of the closet itself. After all, if your closet is not able to accommodate your wardrobe, you’ll be unhappy – no matter how beautiful and stunning the design.

Closet Redesign Wardrobe Questions

When you begin planning your perfect closet, start by evaluating the following wardrobe areas. As one of the top closet redesign companies on Hilton Head, we’ve learned through experience that every successful project begins with an understanding of what and how much needs to be stored. Only after fully cataloguing your wardrobe needs should a designer begin putting ideas on paper.

  • Shirts: Hung or folded? Whether you hang your shirts or fold them, it impacts how much hanging space and shelf space you need.
  • Pants: Hung full length or hung folded? Pants that are folded over a hanger require less vertical space and can generally be hung in a double-hang section of your closet. If you are the type of person who likes to hang your pants from the cuffs or waist, then you’ll need an appropriately sized medium-hang section in your closet.
  • Dresses and Jackets: How many dresses and jackets do you have? Measure the longest, the tallest, and the widest. Your hanging racks will need to accommodate these dimensions.
  • Shoes: The larger your shoe size, the more space you will need. On average, women’s shoes require seven to eight inches of shelf space, and men’s shoes require nine to 10 inches of shelf space. Boots require more height between shelves than dress shoes, so you’ll need to take shoe height into consideration, too. Also, do you want to be able to sit in your closet to put on your shoes? Integrating seating space into your closet is easy and ranges from built-in custom benches to a spot for a chair that is part of your redesign.
  • Belts: Rolled or hung? If you roll your belts, then you’ll need drawers with dividers or cubbies. If you hang them, then hooks or a telescoping pull-out rack are in order.
  • Ties and scarves: Hung, folded, or rolled? If you hang these items, then you’ll need hanging space. If you fold or roll your ties and scarves, then you’ll need an adequate number of drawers.
  • Handbags: Many Hilton Head closet redesign companies overlook the need to store handbags, but we don’t. So, measure the size of your tallest and deepest handbags, as these measurements will determine not only the height of your shelves, but also how much shelf space you need.
  • Jewelry: If you plan on storing your jewelry in your closet, then you’ll need to decide whether you want it in a safe or on display (or both), the type of lighting required, the need for locking drawers, and whether to include a mirror in your design.
  • Laundry: If you want to story your laundry and dry cleaning in your closet, then you’ll need to plan for it. Built-in hampers that either tilt out or pull out, as well as built-in baskets or bags are top choices. If you want to be able to sort your laundry on the fly, then you’ll need a multi-basket solution.
  • Iron/Steam: Many clients opt to incorporate an ironing board and/or steam unit in their closet, as they make quick touch-ups easy and convenient.
  • Electronics: Charging stations are becoming more popular with Hilton Head closet redesign projects, as homeowners want to keep their smartphones and tablets out of sight from company. Outlets with USB ports can pop out of the countertop or you can just include a wall-charging station.

Don’t Forget Lighting

If you’re look to take your Hilton Head closet redesign project to the next level, then make sure the company you choose is current on all the lighting choices available to you today. LED lighting, in particular, is an easy and cost-effective way to elevate your closet redesign from wonderful to extraordinary.

Whether for primary or accent lighting, LED lighting can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your closet. Can lights, tubes, strip lights, and even LED tape can be orchestrated to highlight interesting features, illuminate racks and drawers, or attract attention and motion to the flow you want for your closet. LEDs can provide lighting under shelves, inside cabinets and drawers, above crown moulding, and along baseboards.

Mirrors are Important, Too

Most people want a mirror incorporated into their closet redesign, and any reputable Hilton Head design company will offer you more than just hanging a mirror on the back of your closet door. Your options are varied, from mirrored closet doors to cabinet doors that open into a three-way mirror to hidden, full-length mirrors to pull-out mirrors.

Hilton Head Island Closet Redesign Companies

There are closet redesign companies on Hilton Head, and then there is Winslow Design Studio. We’ve been designing beautiful closets for years, and we’ve transformed spaces large and small into highly functional spaces.

Contact us. Our designers can give you the closet of your dreams.