A friend and client told us that once she had experience the continual comforts of a closet remodel, she had to have it in every home since then. “It helps take the stress out of mornings, and it adds reassurance every evening, when everything has its place, and when the wonderful things you must select from are just served right up to you. The difference between a designed closet and an ordinary one is night and day.”

That’s what folks tell us about the experience. How it is achieved is a subject worth exploring.

What It Holds

The variety of features and fixtures available today for remodeling your closet feel like a shopping trip every time you go there. Never has a drawer been smoother, quieter, or more intuitive about its contents. Never have dresses, suits, pants, and coats been able to be arranged in ways that inspire the choices you make every day. Never has the tangle at the bottom of an old closet become such a distant, glad-forgotten memory than with the techniques and fixtures available today.

Yet, before becoming fascinated with the solutions, an effective, refreshing closet remodel begins by planning a place for the things the closet will hold.

And here is where the substance of your satisfaction with the closet remodel really begins. Planning what your closet will present to you is the basis for the greatest satisfaction.

Beyond Today

This can be where the fun begins. What if we plan your closet remodel not to hold the clothes you have now? What if we begin by envisioning how you want to dress when your remodeled closet is completed? It is important not to let the fun part over-complicate things. This is not to say that remodeling the closet begins with picking an all-new wardrobe. The question has to do with what you most want to continue from among the best of the looks you enjoy today.

Some of our most gratifying and refreshing closet remodels have involved not one single new outfit. Rather, they resulted from realizing what the best of your days feels like – and what you are wearing when you feel that way.

A Treasure Chest for Personal Style

When we plan a refreshing closet remodel with you, this way, the resulting closet feels like you have opened a treasure chest where your own sense of style is presented for your selection. One of life’s most frequent experiences, getting dressed, just became a bit of a thrill.

The objective of refreshing your closet with a remodel is not only efficiency and effectiveness, but also inspiration. When we start the project with this in mind, then the result is a thrill you can relive every day.