Trust for your homebuilder might seem an obvious requirement, and yet the importance of it grows even greater when you consider this: You are not just hiring a company; you are choosing people with whom you are about to take a journey. The territory in which you are going to travel together is your own home. It will take time and cover distance. The stakes for this decision could hardly be more personal. The impact, for good or bad, could hardly be greater.

Set Your Own Standards

One of the leading homebuilders in the region once commented that there are five or six homebuilders who are about equally qualified. This is not many, considering that the total number out there is much, much higher. Yet, it is helpful to start by knowing that qualifications alone are not what make a homebuilder right for you.

To discover clearly whether a homebuilder is trustworthy, you might start by considering what qualities you want to depend on this team to fulfill. Honesty, accountability, and clear communication are basic and likely to rank high. What about interest and engagement, the capacity to pay attention to what you really want, even if that vision is not part of your everyday language?

Use Their User’s Experience

References, too, may seem basic, and yet it is surprising how often people give checking the homebuilder’s references too little time or attention. What you can expect to hear should go far, far beyond, “They’re good.” The experience of building or remodeling or enhancing a home leaves a wealth of impressions that endure. The specific facets and dimensions of those impressions are worth discovering and paying attention to.

See if a homebuilder’s previous clients went back to them for more projects. Nothing testifies to integrity better than the example of a homebuilder’s client who used them for a renovation or remodeling project – and then went back to them later to build a whole custom home. We gratefully display reference stories such as this, right at the bottom of our own website’s home page. Click on “Listen to What Our Clients Have to Say,” and hear about some of our clients’ experience with us in their own words.

You Can Look It Up

The craftsmanship and durability of a homebuilder’s work is right there on the streets of your town, so don’t pass up the chance to have a look for yourself. Another resource for getting a sense of whether the homebuilder is trustworthy is right there in writing. Looking carefully at the estimate and the proposed contract, do you see that eventualities are foreseen and provided for? Here is the beginning of transparency and excellent communication, and you can see it in writing.

Have a look at our portfolio of homes and projects. Give a listen to some of the folks who have entrusted us with their homebuilding projects. Then call us for a chat. We are always glad to contribute what we can to the weighty decision you are making.