Long ago, a technology writer in the New York Times, at the end of his tech review of the latest Microsoft platform for laptop operations, made a comment that went something like this: “I expected this to be the latest piece of comprehensive technology, and yet it will probably turn out to be the last. Instead of doing more things with one device, I predict we will begin to carry a variety of devices.”

Like most attempts to predict the course of technology, this one turned out to be only partially true. No, we didn’t stop piling more functions onto our devices, but yes, we did start using more devices.

Sometimes it seems that all of them are having a convention on the kitchen countertop. Or by the bathroom sink. Or at the table by the front door. Wherever an electrical outlet meets a personal traffic pattern, there we can expect to see our phones, our laptops, our tablets – or all the above – laid out with no particular sense of order. A tangle of cords and chargers adds further to the mess.

Making Technology at Home

There is nothing temporary about our reliance on our mobile devices. If anything, we give them more jobs to do as time goes on. Because this is the case, let’s give them a place, make them at home.

More and more, we are bringing order to these countertops by installing docking drawers. A docking drawer is simply a handy drawer with electrical outlets and USB ports built in. What it does sounds simple, but the contribution it makes to a sense of order in your home is kind of a miracle.

Peace and Protection

A sense of peace is one of the benefits people report when we add a sense of order with a home improvement or renovation. A custom closet, for example, can be a life-changer for how serene and sleep-worthy people find their master suite.

On a much more modest scale, a docking drawer – or two or three – makes the same kind of contribution. Order brings tranquility. On another level, docking drawers add the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your vital electrical devices are protected from the spills and upsets that come with being simply set down in a handy spot.

Works for Low-Tech, Too

A device doesn’t have to be digital to benefit from a docking drawer. Imagine using a hair dryer that comes straight from a drawer without having to uncoil and plug it into an outlet. What if the outlet was already in the drawer? Any personal grooming device can be charged and ready without living non-stop on the countertop, too, when you add a docking drawer in the bathroom.

The one-two-three of adding a docking drawer is to choose the locations, measure the drawers, and select the types of outlets. We can help at any stage, but as usual, the earlier we talk, the more you’ll like the outcome.